Why Blog

This is my new personal blog powered by a static website generator Jekyll with a theme Hydure designed by me. The website is hosted on GitHub Pages.

So, why blog?

The first reason is for note-taking—recording what I read, think, and do. Use words to record my changes over time. Of course, note-taking applications such as EverNote, Notion, etc. can also achieve this purpose. But I hope that my notes are public so that everyone in the world can read them for free and accept their comments. Therefore, a blog is my best choice. In addition, I enjoy writing in plain text. It gives me complete power over the text editing, and there is no “secret” in the plain text—I believe that even after a hundred years, it can still be easily interpreted by people and programs. In this way, I only need a static website generator to convert these plain texts into web pages. Because I am a heavy user of GitHub, and GitHub Pages provides a free hosting service, and Jekyll is the default generator of GitHub Pages, so Jekyll+GitHub Pages has become my first choice.

Besides, if a person needs to leave something after his/her death, I think a blog with rich content is a good legacy, it is the evidence that the person has come to the world.

A. Jesse Jiryu Davispost gave me great inspiration for blogging.