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                       ‚Äč                         Events 2019


16th Feb 2019     St John's R C Church Standishgate Wigan

                             Saturday 7pm.

                             Contact Father O'Shea  01942 247561

25th Feb  2019     Horwich Evangelical Church Wright St Horwich

                              Monday 1.00pm.

30th Mar  2019      Bolton Choirs Festival Victoria Hall Bolton.

13th May  2019     Horwich Evangelical Church Wright St Horwich

                               Monday 1.00pm.

18th May   2019    Atherton Parish Church

                               Saturday 3.00pm

                               Contact Rev Reg Sinclair  01942 892996

22nd June 2019     Annual Gala Concert Holy Trinity Parish Church Horwich

                                Saturday 7.30pm

                                 All proceeds going to Bolton Hospice

24th June  2019     Private Function after dinner entertainment

                                 Monday  2.00pm

  4th July   2019     Longsight Lodge Longsight Lane Harwood

                                Thursday 2pm.

17th  Sept  2019     Age UK Breightmet Library Breightmet Fold Lane

                                Breightmet Bolton BL2 6NT

                                 Tuesday 2pm.

                                 Contact Gill  01204 336471

 4th Nov    2019      Horwich Evangelical Church Wright St Horwich Bolton

                                 Contact Mrs Carol Clarke  01204 696895

                                 Monday  1.00pm                            

12th Nov    2019    Senior Solutions  Sacred Heart Church Lord Street                                                 Westhoughton BL5 3SE

                                Tuesday 2pm.  Contact Julie@ Senior Solutions

                                Tel 01204 335107.

2nd  Dec    2019     Horwich Evangelical Church Wright Street Horwich

                                Monday 1.00pm

                                Contact Mrs Carol Clarke  01204 696895

 5th Dec    2019      Longsight Lodge Longsight Lane Harwood

                                Thursday 2pm.

                                 Contact Dawn Crossley 01204 332866

 6th Dec   2019        St Vincents RC Church Rutherford Drive Over Hulton

                                 Friday  7.30pm.

                                 Contact Fr Andrew Pastore  01204 436702

 7th Dec    2019       Greygarth 6 Oxford Place Manchester M14 5RZ

                                  Saturday  7.30pm.


11th Dec   2019       Atherton Lunch Club Jubilee Hall Atherton

                                 Wednesday  2pm.

                                 Contact Renee Mathias  01942 791801

                                              Events 2020                                  


 22nd Feb  2020      St John's R C Church Standishgate Wigan

                                  Satureday  7.30pm

                                  Contact Father O'Shea   01942 247561                                     

28th Mar    2020      Concert with The Hoover Band  The Ukrainian Club

                                 Castle Street Bolton

                                  Sat  7.30pm  Contact Craig Mann    07855 541306

5th  May    2020      Age Concern Cross Street Farnworth Bolton BL4 7AG

                                 Tuesday 2.00pm

                                  Contact Gill 01204 336471 or  01204 701525   

22nd June   2020     After dinner entertainment Institute Street Bolton

                                  Monday 2.00pm.

                                  Contact Sue Denton 01204 243360

1st   Dec    2020      Age Concern Cross Street Farnworth Bolton BL4 7AG

                                  Tuesday 2.00pm

                                  Contact Gill 01204 336471 or 01204 701525             









Enquiries regarding concerts etc please contact Harry Ainsworth on 01942 811021 or email: harry.ainsworth@sky.com

LBS are available for concerts afternoons or evenings.                                                                                      

End of Season Report

Ladybridge singers completed ther 2017/2018 season after giving several memorable performances.  Fifteen concerts in total.

On the 17th March, the choir participated in the Bolton Choirs Festival at the Victoria Hall along with other choirs.  Following each choirs performance, comments were passed by Manvinder Rattan, a nationally recognised choral expert, and also Carolyn Baxendale of Bolton Music Services.

Below is a copy of Carolyn's comments

"The choir looked absolutely fantastic, with great appearance and discipline, as they went on stage and throughout the performance.

There was a unified sound in the singing, and particularly noticeable was very striking and beautiful phrasing.  The shaping of phrases, especially crescendo and decrescendo passages, was excellent.

There was a very good balance of the voices and overall choral blend.

Tuning and intonation was generally very good, though there was a bit of "sagging" at the end of some phrases.  Some improvement could be made by increasing the brightness of the vocal tone.  Diction was very clear.  Congratulations especially on the Romanian item, which came across very well, wth great dynamic range and very clear diction!

Phrasing is a real strength of this choir... very beautifully done.  There is a very good mellow sound in quieter passages, but brighter tone in louder passages would help.

This was a superb contribution with very expressive singing all round."

Manvinder's comments.

"A really lively and sprightly performance with tight intonation.  Bravo for choosing to pick a song in Romanian!  Very brave.  I would have liked to have polished the language, but my Romanian isn't all that great...!

This was a good piece to pick; it demanded a very wide dynamic range, which you gave us in spades.  You really look good - you really look like a choir when you are on stage.   Well done!"


On the 16th June, the choir took part  at the Victoria Hall, in an Evening of Song and Dance with the Brixie Singers and Dawn Dawson's Dance Academy.

A wide variety of music was covered, and a programmeof energetic dance routines by the young dancers resulted in a most enjoyable evening.

On the 23rd June was this years Gala Concert at Horwich Parish Church.  It was supported again by the Mayors and Mayoresses of Bolton and Horwich, and a representative from Francis House.  This concert has proved very popular over the last few years, with good attendances raising money for charity.  This year £1577 was raised for Francis House Children's Hospice in Manchester.

A special mention goes to James Warburton, a young violinist, who took part for the first time with the choir at Horwich.  He is a very talented musician, and we hope he will join us again in future events.


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